Sixth Fleet: Scenario 9 - Day 3: Night Cycle

Day 3 of the conflict represented an apex of force for both sides.  Soviet subs and bombers inflicted major losses on the American surface fleet while the US and its allies sunk several Soviet subs in retaliation.  With negotiations progressing, this may be the last segment of the conflict so let's not waste any further time and get started:

Soviet initiative:

Soviet air segment:

Soviet air strikes hit at a US task force near Tunisia, damaging the USS Mahan.  A Libyan raid launched from Tripoli at the same target ends in disaster as all escort MiGs are shot down and the Su-20 bombers fail to hit any ships.

US submarine segment:

The USS Boston works together with an Egyptian sub to outsmart and kill the Soviet submarine Hovly.  ASW efforts by the Allied subs have been exceptional so far today.

Soviet submarine segment:

Soviet submarine Svesa hits at the US task force near Tunisia.  So far these American ships have suffered SSM attacks, bombing, constant harassment by submarines and again they take another hit as the US destroyer Mahan sinks near Tunis.

US Surface segment:

The US should have really moved its surface ships last segment to escape the bulk of the Soviet submarines but that's the way she goes, isn't it?

The USS Nimitz carrier and her task force go full ahead after the lurking Soviet submarine Nezhin.  Thanks to liberal use of tactical coordination with US, Egyptian, and American air units, they find it and sink it.  The Americans move back up towards Beirut in hopes of a conducting a Marine landing tomorrow morning.

USSR Surface segment:

The Russians decide to eliminate the strongpoint of the US submarine arsenal in the Eastern Mediterranean.  They use tac coordination between the frigates, cruisers, and Soviet air units from the Crimea to find and damage the USS Boston, lurking near Beirut.

The Soviet cruiser Slava launches an SSM attack w/ tac coordination against the Nimitz.  The SSMs barely miss it and the carrier makes it through the attack with only minor damage.

US Air Segment:

The US decides to keep its carrier-launched units from any raids during the night.  The Nimitz will likely pull a group of F-14s off CAP tomorrow morning to escort a strike against the nearby Soviet fleet at Latakia.


It was a very close one for the Nimitz!  Everything depends on the progress of the conflict tomorrow morning.  For the Soviets, they can almost certainly lock this one up in VPs if the conflict ends while the Americans can finally get some momentum going and land more Marine units to take away the Soviet lead in VPs.

Day 4 Strategic Cycle Next!


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