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Firepower - The Desert Rescue (Part 2)

Okay, before we get rolling on this playthrough of Firepower, let me set the scene here and describe the background.

First off, I decided to try and make a mission that had the same flavor of a cheesy '80s action movie where a special elite force of bad-asses takes on a greater number of enemy soldiers.  Unlike the movies, however, I have no idea how this one will turn out in the end.

In the mid-1980s, Iran and Libya often served as the perennial favorite when Hollywood movie script writers needed bad guy terrorists.  For good examples of this, see the movies "Delta Force" and "Iron Eagle" and the very first episode of "Airwolf" (and countless others).  So I've tried to set a scenario in Libya where a small American special forces squad has to rescue two downed American pilots in a fictional rescue mission.

The Americans must penetrate a camp set up on the south edge of the playing area.  Here's the layout:

The camp is located on a rocky out…

Firepower - The Desert Rescue (Part 1)

1986.  Somewhere in the Libyan desert...

McCreary shielded his eyes from the unflinching midday heat of the desert sun as the ramp of the C-130 fell down in front of him.  "Alright, let's get this piece a' shit off-loaded!" he yelled above the sound of the big transport plane's engines.  His squad had all of 10 minutes to get the M-113 out the back of the Herc and then wait for B squad to arrive in their C-130 and do the same.  It was fine with him.  Most of the time spent running up to this mission had been spent waiting for things to happen.  He'd gotten used to it but the younger ones in the squad got bored easily and bored soldiers - even elite soldiers - quickly became unpredictable when they were bored.

A few minutes later, the M-113 had trundled out the back of the C-130 and he could hear the engines of the transport revving up, preparing to take off from this sandy strip in the middle of enemy territory.  The big JATO jets strapped to the plane starte…