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Team Yankee - Autobahn Defense

Since I'm enjoying Team Yankee so much, I thought I'd write up a quick post so you can enjoy some nice pictures of my awful model assembly and painting skills and see how this game plays.  In this scenario, I've designed a quick defensive battle between two small forces. Here we have the Soviets with:
3 x T-64 tank company
1 x Soviet Motorized Infantry Rifle Platoon


2 x M1 Abrams tanks
2 x Canadian Lynx Recce armored vehicles

The NATO side sets up first with the objective located at behind the group of trees located near the roadside. The Soviets will enter their tanks on turn 1. The infantry are reserves and must be rolled for each turn to see when they enter the game.

Turn 1 - Soviets

We roll for reserves and get a lousy "1". The infantry will not be coming on the table. The Russians send their three tanks on the east side of the playing area at tactical speed and in echelon left formation. Only one of the T-64s has a valid LOS to the Abrams tanks.

The …

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