Sixth Fleet: Day 2 - Night Cycle

Day 2 is coming to a close so here's a quick recap of the day's major events.

1.)  Stormy weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Eastern Med. have prevented units in those areas from moving around too much or fighting.

2.)  The Turkish surface fleet in the Aegean has been utterly destroyed by Soviet air power.

3.)  The Soviet Black Sea Fleet is on its way towards the Turkish Straits.  A single Turkish sub is all that stands between the Russian ships and the gateway to the Mediterranean.

4.)  The focus of the fighting has shifted towards the Western Mediterranean where the US is holding its own against Soviet subs and the Algerians.

5.)  A US task force near Sicily is surrounded by Soviet and Libyan submarines.  A group of American frigates to the west steams towards the area to help out.

As the sun sets around the region, both sides continue the battle, hoping to place their fleets in good position for amphibious landings tomorrow morning.

US Submarine Segment:

The USS Caval sidles up near the Soviet sub Svesa and takes a shot but misses.

USSR submarine segment:

The Svesa executes a cruise missile attack on Rota AFB.  It hits the airbase and does some light damage to ordnance and fuel but the aircraft are largely untouched.

US air segment:

The P3 Orions take off from Rota and hunt down the Svesa.  Despite good efforts, they are unable to sink it.

The B-52s lay waste to Algiers again.

Mirage fighters from Morocco bomb the Algierians again too.

USSR air segment:

 Again, the Soviet air power in the Crimea is bottled up and has no worthy targets at the moment.  It sits still.

US surface segment:

Two US task forces in the western part of the Med inch closer to each other in an attempt at mutual protection.

USSR surface segment:

The Black Sea fleet, along with amphibious landing ships, drops anchor near the coast of Istanbul, preparing for a landing tomorrow morning.

Logistics Headaches:

The US task force near Sicily has nearly run out of fuel and is unable to replenish due to the severe storms.

The Libyans have a large group of patrol craft that have overextended their range attempting to hunt for the US task force near Sicily.  They have run out of fuel and are floating home.

The Egyptians have a task force of patrol craft and DDs in the Eastern Med. that are now out of fuel.

The Israeli subs in the same area are fine in terms of fuel but have only three torpedoes left between them.


Day 2 is over!  Day 3 should be very interesting.  If the storms pass, we'll be getting some airborne and amphibious landing as the victory points pile up.


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