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Fire Team - Reconnaisance on the Nuremberg Highway

Scenario 2 from Fire Team is a lot more interesting than the first scenario in the game.  "Reconnaissance on the Nuremberg Highway" features an engagement between American scouts from 2ACR and the lead elements of Soviet 11th Guards Tank Division.  The Soviet player secretly chooses one of three available force compositions, each of which lead to different victory conditions for the Russian player.

Version 1: Troop Recon Patrol consists of two platoons of BMPs, both of whom have a very small detachment of troops riding along with them carrying RPG-16s. 
Version 2: Helicopter Forward Detachment has a mix of Mi-24 attack helos and Mi-8s along with a couple of BMPs and a full platoon of infantry.
Version 3:  Point Detachment has the same allotment as version 1 but adds SA-14 weapon teams and a couple of ZSU-23s into the mix with three T-80 tanks arriving later in the game.
I hadn't played this scenario in a long time so I went with Version 1, which is the configuration that re…