LnL Forgotten Heroes: Vietnam - Tread Heads - The Convoy

Yesterday, I talked about setup for the NVA ambush in the scenario "Tread Heads" from Forgotten Heroes:  Vietnam.  Basically, the US player rolls through three map boards with six vehicles (three M-113s and three M-48s) mounted with infantry.  The Americans cannot spot the NVA ambush unless they move adjacent to the NVA or are fired upon (or, of course from movement).

Taking this into account, the NVA set up slightly away from the road, sacrificing accuracy for surprise.

Attempting to set up an effective convoy that you know is going to get ambushed is no small proposition.  I tried to follow some of the basic principles from this website on convoy vulnerability.

First off, heavy armor should always serve as an advance guard in the convoy to detect ambushes.  Since we only have three tanks to play with here, that means that one of the M-48s will be going ahead of the convoy.

Secondly, the rear guard of the convoy should also be heavy armor.  Right, another M48 goes in the back.

Every third or fourth vehicle in the convoy should be heavy armor.  Okay, our last M48 goes right in the middle of the main body of the convoy.

So that's:

Lead vehicle (recon):  M48  *5 hexes ahead of main body* (2-6-4 riding on top)

Main body:
M113 (2-6-4 squad inside)
M48  (2-6-4 on top)
M113 (Medic and 2-6-4 w/ LAW anti-tank inside)
M113 (Lt. Anders, 2-6-4 w/ M-60 LMG inside)

Rear guard:  M48  *4 hexes behind main body* (Lt. Jenson, 2-6-4 w/ M-60 riding on top)

M-48 lead vehicle (left) w/ 2-6-4 passengers.  M-48 main body vehicle (right) w/2-6-4 passengers.

Rear guard armor M-48 tank w/ Jenson and squads (left) and main body lead M-113 w/ 2-6-4 squad inside.

A medic and a 2-6-4 squad will ride inside the M-113 (third vehicle in main body of the convoy) while Lt. Anders and squad will ride inside the last vehicle in the main body.

Having the vehicles spread out slightly with a rear and advance guard should give the US player enough time to respond to any ambush after the initial damage is done. However, there is a tactical mistake being made here in our convoy plans, which will play out later in the coming turns.  Can you spot the error?

I'll be posting the results in a couple of days.


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