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New Games for the Summer

I recently received four new items in the mail, two expansions for World at War and two games from the 1970s.

Counterattack is an expansion for the World at War series from Lock 'n Load Publishing.  It features a new map with two campaigns.  One campaign is centered on the US counterattack versus the Soviet advance into western Europe.  The other campaign deals with the adventures of a US task force assigned to look into some strange events going on in the background of the war.

The campaigns are handled very nicely with refit points earned with each victory.  These refit points can be spent to upgrade your units, repair existing units, and purchase skills.  The scenarios use the Blood & Bridges map and the expansion map.  There's are nine scenarios with a range of sizes from small two-unit skirmishes that last five turns to a couple of larger battles with seven formations.  The layout of the book looks quite nice with several nice drawings and pictures to add some flavo…