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Aegean Strike Arrives!

Well, I'm happy to say that for my first Father's Day present ever, I was presented with a used copy of Aegean Strike, which is - as the box states - "A Complete Game Based on the Gulf Strike System". Let's see what we have here:

First off, take a look at that awesome box art!  We have an F-15 zooming in from the lower right corner after firing a missile that has already hit a MiG(?) at very close range.  In the background, we have a large waterway between two landmasses that leads out to the Aegean Sea or the Med or something.  There's some proportional issues with some tanks visible far off below and in the distance having some kind of battle.  There's a ship providing naval support (another proportional problem there).  But despite all that - this cover kicks some serious ass.  It has all the elements (sea, land, and air) of the game represented on there and I love it and it makes me really want to play this game right away.

In the lower right hand co…