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Unconditional Surrender! The Main Event - Part 4

Here is my final playthrough report of Sal Vasta's Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe from GMT.

August and September 1942:  The Germans quickly send their repatriated forces from the French campaign over to the eastern front. Soldiers and tanks are strapped to trains and shot off towards Poland or Hungary to try and prevent the Soviet hordes from getting much further into Eastern Europe. The western Allies reel in shock from losing France last month but they do buy back their Surprise Attack marker for 20 production points, which is a start. The BEF is pulled from Greece and docks in British-controlled Libya, waiting for the signal to invade southern Europe. Meanwhile, the Soviets are pushing masses of men and tanks west into Eastern Europe and making fast gains despite the renewed German defensive strength here. Warsaw is lost to Soviet infantry and the German infantry units in central Poland are getting surrounded by Soviet regulars. Despite the win against France, it…

Unconditional Surrender!: The Main Event - Part 3

Here is my account of how things went in part three of my ongoing playthrough report of Sal Vasta's Unconditional Surrender! World War 2 in Europe. Enjoy!

August 1941: The turn starts off with so much promise for the Germans but ends in disaster. In the Soviet Union, the Germans manage to isolate Kiev but fail to take the city itself despite repeated attacks. The result is a Soviet unit that is out of supply and sitting to the northeast of Kiev. Romanian and Bulgarian armies are rushed south to try and hold off the approaching Russians. In the west, the Germans charge south around the Maginot Line (the French had pulled out one of their eastern-most units last turn to help defend along the Rhone River). The Germans take Strasbourg and then Dijon. A German panzer unit in the south eliminates a French unit and is in Vichy before the end of the turn. Three French cities fall before the German army and it starts to look really bad for France. 
During the western faction's turn, how…

Big Heart, Tiny Battle: An Interview with Mary Holland Russell

Following up from my interview with Mark H. Walker about Flying Pig Games, I recently had a chance to talk with Mary Holland Russell, the head honcho over at his other gaming company, Tiny Battle Publishing, Mary was kind enough to take some time from her very hectic schedule to answer my questions and here's what she had to say:

HaH: Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be involved with Tiny Battle Publishing.
MHR: My husband is the editor of Yaah! magazine. Mark Walker asked Tom to recommend someone to run Tiny Battle, and he threw my name out there. I don't have a wargaming background, but I have a lot of business experience and have dealt with creative types in the past.
HaH: What are your own gaming interests?  Do you have a favorite game or era that you prefer?  Any favorite designers?
MHR: I got into modern gaming by playing Eurogames, train games and D&D. Outside of the games we publish through Tiny Battle, most of my gaming still falls into those categ…