Sixth Fleet: Middle East Crisis - Day 1 Action Turn 3 (Night Cycle)

Here's the last action turn of the first day from my ongoing game of Sixth Fleet.  So far the Soviets and the Americans have traded lumps with each other.  Here's a rundown of the significant events so far on Day 1:

1.)  A US Carrier task force in the Eastern Med has launched a successful air attack on a Soviet carrier task force, damaging the Minsk.

2.)  The Soviets are using their air bases in the Crimea to launch devastating attacks on the Israeli fleet, which is trying to prevent the Soviets from embarking from their bases in Syria.

3)  A US amphibious task force is steaming east to join up with the rest of the US carrier task force but it has been harassed by Soviet subs the entire way.  It is currently sitting near Sicily.

4)  The Soviet air attacks from the Crimea have angered the Turks so much that they have broken neutrality and will enter the war tomorrow morning on the side of the US and its allies.

5)  The UN discussions between the Soviets and the Americans are progressing very smoothly.  Both sides look to be approaching a diplomatic solution to the conflict very soon.

The sun sets on the Mediterranean...

US Surface Segment:

The US wins initiative and the US amphibious task force near Italy tracks the Soviet Kilo-class sub Byngi and damages it with depth charges.  It also launches SSMs at nearby Soviet patrol craft, sending them all to the bottom of the sea before the group of US ships moves along the Sicilian coastline.

Likewise, the American carrier task force in the eastern Med damages the Soviet Alfa-class Nezhin thanks to some great ASW teamwork.  The USS California and the USS Deyo fire SSMs at a nearby group of Syrian patrol boats, sinking half of the boats.  The entire task force then moves north towards Famagusta on Cyprus where, if all goes well, the accompanying amphibious transport ship USS Ponce will land the US Marines tomorrow morning.

An Egyptian task force finishes off the patrol boats that the US carrier task force earlier ravaged.

Soviet Air Segment:

The Soviets activate their air units and launch a massive attack from the Crimea on the US carrier task force near Cyprus.  F-14s on CAP from the Nimitz intercept the Soviet air group and turn it away successfully.

The Libyans move their attack aircraft west to Tripoli in hopes of catching the Americans near Sicily tomorrow morning.

US Submarine Segment:

The USS Boston fires a torpedo at the Nezhn but misses.

The Israeli subs start going to town.  The Israeli sub Gal takes out a pair of Syrian patrol boats hanging around off their coast.  The Rahav sinks two more.

The USS Drum sinks the Foxtrot Soviet sub Shuya over in the Atlantic near Gibraltar.

It's been good hunting tonight for the US and its allies.

Soviet Sub Segment:

The Hovly and the Sumy are both in the Eastern Med, which is swarming with Israeli, Egypt, and American ships.  The Sumy gets into a tangle with the USS Boston but fails to score a hit.  Meanwhile, the Hovly gets revenge for the Syrian losses and destroys an Israeli patrol craft.

Whiskey class Tyumen sneaks up on the US carrier task force near Cyprus and scores a once in a lifetime shot, damaging the USS Ponce after slipping through some impressive ASW countermeasures.  A major blow for the US.

Near Sicily, the hapless US amphibious landing force hugs the coast while the damaged Soviet submarine Bygni, along with the Libyans and the Lipitsy pour through the dark waters towards them.

US Air Segment:

US A-6 Intruders are launched from the Nimitz and bomb Latakia in Syria.  They score some light damage but everyone comes home okay so at least there's that.

Soviet Surface Segment:

A Libyan task force consisting solely of fast patrol craft swing up north near Sicily and get close to the US amphibious force.  They fire SSMs at the Detroit but fail to hit it.

The Soviet amphibious force parked near Beirut simply sits and does nothing in anticipation of the early morning invasion of Beirut tomorrow morning.

The terminal phase ends and we're on to Day 2.  Update coming soon.


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