Sixth Fleet: Day 2 - AM Cycle

Scenario 9 continues.  To recap what's happened so far:

1.)  Turkey has entered the war this morning on the side of NATO.

2.)  Diplomatic negotiations between NATO and the Soviets are progressing.  The Soviets have scored 18 VPs through Sea Denial.

3.)  Storms rage across the Eastern Med. and the Tyrrehnian Sea, messing up invasion plans for both sides.

Strat Air Missions:  Not too much going on with Strat Air this morning as the storms in the region have prevented aircraft from flying.  There is an interesting development in the Black Sea when the Turks send an RF-5 "Tigereye" Recon flight out to pinpoint the location of the Black Sea fleet.  A Mig-23 catches the recon flight and completely eliminates them.

AM Cycle:

US wins Initiative.

US Surface Segment:

The Moroccan FF Erham and a handful of patrol craft absolutely lay waste to the Algerian surface fleet in the Western Med by using SSMs.

Turkish destroyers head south through the Aegean.

USSR Air Segment:

The Algerians retaliate by sending out an Su-20 squadron, which eliminates the Morroccan frigate and the patrol ships.

Public Domain.Free of Copyright.  Source:  Wikimedia Commons.
Soviet Su-17 (the Su-20 is the export version)

The Soviets send out some Tu-26 Backfires from the Crimea and they sink the Yugoslav frigate Split.

Two flights of Tu-16 Badgers also depart from the Crimea for friendly Bulgarian airspace to avoid Turkish CAP.  From high over Bulgaria, they launch missiles and destroy a pair of Turkish destroyers.  The Turkish surface fleet is now completely eliminated in the space of a single morning.

US Sub Segment:  

The Tango-class Soviet sub Perm is damaged by the USS Drum near Gibraltar.

The rest of the US sub fleet in the Eastern Med uses the opportunity of the storm to make their way towards the Soviet task force sitting off the coast of Syria.  The noose tightens!

Soviet Sub Segment:

The Soviets likewise start moving their submarines near the US carrier task force in the Eastern Med.

The Soviet sub Perm takes a shot at the USS Boston but misses.

US Air Segment:

The B-52s take off from Rota and strike at Algiers in hopes of destroying the Algerian attack aircraft there.  Unfortunately, the AA is strong enough and although the bombing does considerable damage, the Algerian aircraft are not affected.

P3 Orions in Rota take off and try to finish off the Perm but are unable to do so.

Soviet Surface Segment:

Two Soviet surface groups meet up in the Central Med, consisting of the damaged Minsk, the Kirov and several other ships.

The Black Sea fleet slowly crawls down towards Istanbul.

The AM cycle ends.  The storm has kept major combat in key victory areas from happening but there have been some interesting developments.  Turkey has been completely hammered by Soviet air power launching from bases in the Crimea.  Algeria has taken a beating from Morocco and the US over on the other side of the Med.


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    1. They sure are, Aaron! Both sides will have to work extra hard to claim victory points before a ceasefire is reached.

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    1. Glad you liked it. I got stoked to play my campaign after our last couple of battles in 2nd fleet. Thanks again for a great game.


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