Sixth Fleet: Libyan-American War (Part III)

Turn 3 was a night turn and basically saw the US carrier task force hitting Tripoli and Benghazi very hard.

Turn 3 Day 1: Night

The Libyans put their MiG-23s up over Tripoli to fly CAP while the US activates its submarines and takes out the small Libyan patrol craft getting dangerously near to the US carrier task force.

The submarine USS Omaha moves closer to Benghazi port to monitor the small Libyan task force that is trying to use the harbor for hiding places from US air strikes.

A Libyan submarine attacks the USS Ramsey in the US carrier task force but fails to hit anything.  The Libyans drive their small attack boats straight at the US carrier task force and manage to hit and damage the destroyer, USS Comte de Grasse.

 Texas. Don't mess with it.

The USS Texas launches Tomahawk missiles at Tripoli, causing massive damage to military targets and destroying a Libyan military airfield.  About a quarter of the Libyan Air Force's Su-20s are destroyed or damaged beyond repair.

Libyan aircraft on the ground are damaged in a Tomahawk attack.

American SSMs are unable to find their targets in Benghazi.

The Libyan Air Force is grounded at night and cannot conduct bombing missions.  The Americans launch simultaneous bombing raids on Tripoli and Benghazi.  A-6s punish Benghazi while a pair of MiG-23s flying CAP over Tripoli manage to shoot down a pair of F-18s, causing the Americans to abort the bombing raid.

It's been a tough day for everyone.



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