Sixth Fleet: Libyan-American War (Part IV of VI)

Turn 4 Day 2: Morning

Well, quite a lot happened this morning.  First off, the weather across the Mediterranean was lousy with squalls.    This hampered ship movement and proved to be a fatal development for the Libyans.  The Americans, with all-weather aircraft, were able to deal with the weather without many problems.

The Soviets secretly gave the Libyans some satellite photos to show them where the main American task force was sitting.  Believing there is a high chance of another air attack on Tripoli, the Libyans put up a token cap force of MiG-23s over the city.

The turn started off with the US carrier task force bombing Benghazi and Darnah.  A-6s with greater range hit Darnah while the F-18s hit key sites in Benghazi.

The Americans now have 9 victory points, which is the minimum they need to win this scenario.
MiG-23...not so great results vs. F-14 Tomcats

The Libyans send out some MiG-23s with the remnants of the Su-20 attack aircraft.  They meet the F-14 Tomcats near the carrier force and several Su-20s are shot down.  The rest of the Libyans turn and head back to Tripoli.

The US task force conducts anti-submarine warfare on a nearby Libyan submarine, severely damaging it.  The US submarines conduct torpedo attacks on the Libyan fast attack ships but only manage to damage one of them.

A-6s hit Darnah while F-18s bomb Benghazi

The Libyan flotilla of small ships launches a coordinated attack on the US task force.  A handful of surface-to-surface missiles get through and manage to sink the damaged US destroyer, Comte de Grasse.  The Americans lose 1 victory point.

One of the Libyan submarines manages to score a hit on the USS Rentz, damaging it.

The Libyan flotilla attempts to race back to the port of Benghazi to find cover but the squall prevents it from running too far.  The US carrier task force launches SSMs and destroys two small patrol craft.



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