World at War: The Road to Armaggeddon (Part 1 of 2)

Today, I'll be giving a very brief report of a scenario called "The Road to Armageddon" set in the World at War universe.  This scenario brings in the Israelis and Syrians for a nicely set up slugfest.

The Syrians get 10 T-72s and a Shilka.

The Israelis get 3 platoons of slow but tough Merkava tanks and an F-4E Phantom for air support.

The Syrians are the defenders and the Israelis' job is to take the city hexes in the northwest corner of the map, which are outlined in white.

The Syrians set up on the hilltops in the center of the map.  This covers the approaches quite thoroughly.  If the Israelis make a dash for the town, the Syrian T-72s will close assault them and destroy them easily.

The Syrians set up...and wait.

The Israeli commander, not having been born yesterday, sneaks his units on the map from the southeast and travels along the large hillside, which provides complete cover from the Syrian T-72s.

The Israelis sneak along the southern hillsides which provides cover from the Syrians.

This kept up throughout the early turns and the Israelis pulled their first airstrike, hitting the T-72s on the hills on the eastern-most part of the map.  The objective was to break the Israeli tanks through this narrow corridor and head for the city to the north.

Finally the Israeli tanks were in position.  The HQ ordered a Smoke barrage to cover their advance north and off they went!

The Syrians sensed the opportunity and started shifting their forces west to hit the Israelis as they approached their objective...but the second Israeli airstrike came in and messed up that plan a bit.

The Syrians pressed on and sent six platoons to close assault the Israeli Merkavas.  The Merks were hurt but the T-72s were reduced mostly to wrecks.  It was incredibly intense!  During the confusion, the Israelis managed to sneak the Soltam APC up to take the objective.  Continued in Part 2.


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