World at War: The Relief of Tanenhause (Part 2)

Turn 1: 

The 2/182 activates and starts firing Milan missiles at the Soviet BMP-2 sitting in the treeline in hex I5. They score a reduction and a disruption.  The German infantry fire mortars at the Soviet infantry but don't score any hits.

Soviet BMP-2 is disrupted in the woods. 

The 2/174 Panzer activates next.  Deciding to sneak around the city and assault from the south, the big Leopards advance north.

The 2nd Airborne activates and the BMP-2 in hex I5 is undisrupted. The Soviet HQ sends an infantry platoon to hex M2 to beef up the southern defense.

The 2/174 activates again and keeps moving north towards Tanenhause.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

The 2/182 activates again and the infantry with Milan hits at the BMP-2.

The second end marker is pulled.  The turn is over.  Not much happened except for the 2/174 advancing steadily north towards Tanenhause.  The 1/613 didn't activate at all.  A disappointing turn for the Germans.

Turn 2:

Soviets roll a "6" for the 74th GdT formation so it does not arrive.  "Where the hell are those tanks?" grumbles the 2nd Airborne commander.

The 1/613 activates and the German commander decides to get this show on the road.  A platoon of M48s advances into the city hex in F5 and the Songster/T12 ATG in I4 uses opportunity fire to disrupt it.

With the Songster's fire focuses on the other M48s, the 1/613 HQ sneaks into the hex in F6 and starts to take up firing positions.  Can M48s do moving fire...?  Oh well, let's say they can't.

The 1/613th chit is pulled again and now it's time for the German tanks to take out the Soviet AT capability. The M48s in hex F5 un-disrupt.  The HQ stack in F6 unleashes its HE rounds at the T12 ATG position and only score a disruption.  The M48s in F5 fire at the T12 ATG and reduce it further.  Drat - I had hoped to destroy the BMP-2 and the T12 this round.

Next up is the Soviet 2nd Airborne.  The T12 ATG passes its morale check and is undisrupted (is that a word?).  The BMP-2 rolls a 9, higher than the HQ value of 7 so it remains disrupted.

The Soviet HQ adds its two dice to the infantry with Sagger missiles in its hex.  They fire the Saggers and disrupt the M48 again in F5.  The T12 ATG/Songster in I4 fires at the M48s in F5 and destroys it!  Nice work, comrade!

The Soviets fire their 81mm mortar at the German infantry firing Milan missiles from D2 and manage to disrupt both infantry units and reduce the 2/182 HQ.

The 2nd Airborne lashes out and deals damage.

Lastly, the disrupted BMP-2 is pulled back from the treeline in I5 to J6.   Deciding not to push their luck too much further, the Germans leave the rest of the units unactivated for the sake of opportunity fire.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

What an amazing turn for the Soviets!  They have managed to hold on to all of their AT capability while dealing out some punishment to the Germans.  What's more, neither the 2/174 Panzer nor the 2/182 activated.

Turn 3: 

The Soviets check for the arrival of the 74th GdT.  A "6" is rolled so no joy.  The 2nd AB stands alone.

The 1/613 activates and the HQ fires everything at the T12 ATG/Songster managing only a disruption.  Unbelievable.

The 2/182 activates and the infantry with the reduced HQ are undisrupted.  They advance from D5 to F3.  The infantry in D2 advance to E3.  The Jagdpanzer advances from B3 to F4 and is hit by opportunity fire from the Soviet Sagger missiles in J3.  Two Marder platoons move from C3 to F5 to take cover behind the city hex while another Marder makes its way into the city itself in hex F5, taking cover behind the wrecked German M48s from 1/613.

The 1/613 now activates and tries to finish off the T13/Songster which has been a real pain the butt so far.  It scores no hits.

An End Marker is pulled.

The Soviet 2nd AB is activated.  Oh no.  Luckily for the Germans, the T12/Songster and the BMP-2 roll high for morale checks and fail.  However, with the German infantry and HQ in the wide open in hex F3, the Soviets let loose with the mortars and score two hits.  The infantry is disrupted again but the German HQ hangs on.

The disrupted BMP-2 is pulled back to hex K4.  It probably won't be doing much good for the rest of the game but maybe it could help take out some of those 2/174 tanks advancing up north.  You never know.

The T12/Songster has a movement value of 0 and cannot be moved.

The Soviets fire a Sagger at the Jagdpanzr in F4 but miss completely.  An "Ammo Depleted" marker is placed on the Soviet hex.

Finally, the 2/174 German formation activates and resumes its march up north towards Tanenhause.  The HQ moves up to O9 from O4 with the remaining Panzer going to N6.  There is opp. fire from the Soviets in M3 at the HQ but it's long distance and ineffective.

The 2/182's chit gets pulled next but the HQ is unable to rally the infantry in its hex.  The Jagpanzer in E4 makes it.

The Marders from F5 fire at the Soviet HQ and infantry in J3 but have no luck.  The only good order infantry  platoon moves from E3 to H5, perhaps the only inspired move for the 2/182 of the whole game so far.

The Jagpanzer moves to G3 and takes fire from the Asu-85 but is undamaged.  Marder moves from E5 to F7.  The HQ and disrupted infantry decide to find cover and very quickly by moving from F3 to E5.  Whew!

An End Turn Marker is pulled.  Not a bad turn for either side.  Probably a stalemate.

End of Turn 3.

Turn 4:

The Soviets check for the arrival of the 74th GdT.  A "1" is rolled.  Finally, the reinforcements have arrived! Everyone's getting extra vodka rations tonight!

2/174 activates first.  With their recon unit (the Luchs) in O6, the Soviet infantry in M3 loses its concealment bonus and the German Leopard I's open fire, successfully reducing the Russians in the hex.  Inspired, the German commander sends the Jaguar forward to M4 while the rest of the units sit back.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

2/182 is activated.  Again, the HQ units in E4 fail their morale check and remain disrupted.  The infantry in H5 assault the T12/Songster in I4.  The German infantry easily destroy it and move into I4.  The Marders fire madly at the Soviet HQ but fail to hit it.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

Not much to write home about.  The 1/613, 2nd AB and the 74th GdT failed to activate this round.  Next round should be a doozy.

Turn 5:  

The 1/613 activates but decides against doing anything in order to save up opportunity fire for the Soviet 74th GdT.

The 2/174th activates and wants to move a little north to fire at all the Soviets on the east side of town.  Moving from O5 to O4, opportunity fire from the Soviet infantry in M2 disrupts the German tanks with the HQ.  The Luchs follows up to O5.  The Jaguar in M4 fires at the infantry in M3 but misses.  The remaining Leopard moves from N6 to N5.

2nd AB activates and the BMP-2 in K4 rallies.  One infantry unit in M2 is sent to babysit the now rallied (but reduced) infantry units in M3.  The Asu-85 pulls back to K3 along with the rallied BMP-2 from K4.  The HQ in J3 lets loos with mortars and small arms fire to disrupt the encroaching German infantry in I4.

Oh dear, the 74th GdT chit is pulled and all hell is about to break loose.  They enter on the south edge along the east side and scale the large hill there.  It should provide plenty of elevation and visibility to hit at the Germans from long range.

The 2/182 marker is pulled.  Infantry in I4 is in command but failed to rally.  It's pulled back to the woods hex in I5.  The Marders in F5 finally...finally manage to disrupt an infantry unit with the Soviet HQ in J3.  The HQ and infantry push to G4, maybe not the best decision.  The Marder sitting in F7 advances to H4.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

Another End Turn marker is pulled.  Things are getting very tense with the arrival of the 74th but I wouldn't say it's too late for the Germans.  They seem to be getting some traction on both fronts of the city.

End of Turn 5.

Turn 6: 

The 1/613 activates and decides to do nothing in the hopes of opportunity fire at the 74th as it comes north.

End Turn marker is pulled.

Another End Turn marker is pulled.  Unbelievable.

Turn 7:

The 2/182 marker is pulled.  No time for subtlety now.  It's do or die.  Here we go.

The Marder in H4 moves to I2 and goes for a suicidal assault on the infantry in the city.  The Marder rolls a 6 for its assault while the Soviet infantry roll a series of 4s and 3s, completely wrecking it.  Both Soviet infantry are now disrupted.

The Jagdpanzer from H3 moves in and rolls a 6 for its single assault dice while the Soviet infantry has no luck whatsoever.  It is forced to retreat to K2.  The German HQ infantry move up to I2 from G4.  The Marders advance to I3.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

The 1/613 stays put and waits for the possibility of a Soviet rush from the south.

2nd AB activates.  The morale roll is a 7 so the HQ stack rallies.  With an increased assault factor and decreased to hit rolls against the Jagdpanzer, the Soviet 2nd HQ easily retakes hex J3.

Infantry in M2 and M3 fire at the German 2/174 Leopard Is, hoping to get a hit but there is no joy.

The 74th GdT activates and speeds north to the ridgeline overlooking the battlefield.  They take opportunity fire, which knocks out one platoon and disrupts another.  The Soviets use moving fire as they advance and manage to destroy the 2/174's Luchs recon unit.  How un-Luchsy for them...sorry.

The 2/174 activates and decides to focus its energies on taking Tanenhause.  The HQ in O4 fires at the infantry sitting in M2, scoring 4 hits.  The Infantry rolls for no saves and is eliminated.  Ouch. The Leopard in L5 moves to N2 and enters Tanenhause.  The HQ sends the unit which did not fire on the infantry along to M2 along with the Jaguar.

The 2/174 activates again and the HQ and Leopard I fires at and destroys one infantry platoon sitting in M3 while the Leopard in L2 reduces an infantry platoon with the Soviet HQ in J3.  Big trouble for the Russians!

The 2/182 from I2 assaults J3 and scores 4 hits while receiving absolutely nothing back.  The 2nd AB is crumbling quickly. The Soviet HQ is placed aside for next turn and the German 2/182 marches into the city.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

What a mess.

What a turn.  The 2nd AB held out for as long as it could but there's just no way for the Soviets to retake the city.  Let's see what happens anyways.

Turn 8:  Final Turn

The 2/182 infantry in J3 fires a Milan at the BMP-2 in the adjacent hex, disrupting it.  This is followed up by an infantry assault, which completely destroys both the BMP-2 and the Asu-85.

2/174 activates next, reducing the already disrupted infantry in M3, which retreats to M4.

The 1/613 takes potshots at the Soviet 74th GdT on the southern hill, managing to disrupt one tank platoon.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

The 2/182 activates and is happy exactly where it is, in the heart of downtown Tanenhause.

The 74th GdT activates but it's all too late.  Deciding to save myself from the details of watching the Soviets race north and fail to clear the objective of Germans, I decide that the Russian general will call it a day.

An End Turn marker is pulled.

End Game

The Soviet 2nd AB held on bravely until turn 7.  It seems the 74th was just one turn too late to really do anything at all to help.  Perhaps entering them from the west side of the board instead of from the south would have helped?

In the early turns, I really thought the Germans would get bogged down in their attack but they managed to rally back from a bad position and pressure Tanenhause gradually until it cracked open.      Pretty frustrating that the Soviet 74th didn't activate on the turn its marker was added to the cup on turn 4 and then again on 6.


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