Fire Team - The Balloon Goes Up

Well, here's another lopsided end game shot from a different game!  I set up and played Fire Team this weekend after getting a sudden craving for some good ol' squad-based tactical action.  It wasn't even close.

The Soviets started off on the road north of Ehrenberg with three platoons facing off across the street from two American squads.  The Russians simply steamrolled north towards the bottom of the map, calmly rallied after collecting some Fear and then popped smoke and headed into Rasdorf. You're not supposed to use smoke in this scenario (and now I can see why) but that seemed too gamey so I played with it anyways.  Although the Soviets already had the 6 VPs needed to win by the beginning of turn 3, I kept playing just to see what would happen.

The Soviets managed to completely surround Rasdorf and then move in with relative ease despite a bit of fire from the Americans on the nearby hill.  An entire platoon marched into the US HQ building at the extreme north of Rasdorf and easily eliminated an American squad left there to protect it.  By the end of the turn 3, the US was down to two measly squads and it was time to call it quits as the Soviets had garnered 8 VPs (only 6 were needed to win).

End of Turn 3 - the Soviets definitely win here.


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