Video Playthrough - Heroes of the Gap: Air Assault

Continuing through with my video playthroughs, I've set up and played a game of "Heroes of the Gap".  In this scenario, "Air Assault", the Americans are caught by surprise as the Soviets send in airborne helicopter assault troops in a pre-dawn raid to capture three vital objectives in Eisenbach.  The Americans have a small garrison here and attempt to fend off the Spetsnaz troops for as long as they can while help is on the way.

I really enjoyed playing through this scenario.  It incorporates some of the best elements of Heroes of the Gap.  There are helicopters, air strikes, anti-tank missiles, and an M-1 Abrams tank.  I thought the folks at LnLP did a nice job of creating some specific module rules that accounted for modern weaponry.  They also did a nice job of creating scenarios that let it all shine.  "Air Assault" is a really good example of one of those scenarios.


  1. Running comments:
    Hmm interesting approach. ;) . I think that chopper has to leave ..(oh never mind you got it)
    Really aggressive Soviet start!
    Then the 2nd wave takes some of the objectives!
    Love the STINGER shot !!! BOOM!

    We need to play this again somehow!
    the M1's laugh at the AT gun...bwhahaha!
    Did you do a bailout check for the M113?
    What is it with you and shaken vehicles! bummer for the yanks.
    Great fun.
    I think both sides can win, I agree.

    1. Thanks Kev! Love the running comments. I did a bailout check for the M-1 after getting equal results on armor protection and penetration rolls and the tankers just barely passed it. I dunno why my vehicles always get shaken - must have been manufactured on a Friday afternoon at the plant just before a long weekend. We should definitely play this one again!

  2. Another great production Brad. I love the LNL system and how it lends itself to such a strong narrative. Your ability to tell the story really adds to this. Very intesting playthrough. I enjoyed it alot!

    1. Thanks Jason! I really enjoyed playing this one through. The loss of two Soviet squads in the early game really ratcheted up the tension. Thanks for the kind comments.

  3. Hey no problem. Just want you to know your efforts a appreciated. BTW do I detect a Boston accent in there?

    1. It's always good to hear people enjoy what I do. Thanks again! As for the accent, I'm Canadian but my accent is seriously messed up from living overseas for the last 10 years. I've been working with people from the eastern United States so I think my accent is slowly and subtly changing a bit over the years. I definitely notice the difference whenever I visit Canada. That being said, it's not completely changed. You can probably pick out the occasional "oot and aboot" in the video at times if you listen closely. hehe


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