How to Lose Badly at Tac Air - Part 1 of Many

It's turn 4 in the second scenario in AH's classic WW3 game, Tac Air.  The Soviets and the West Germans have a "meeting engagement" as the 52nd Guards Tank Regiments pushes west to capture the town of Bayreuth.  The West German 36th Panzer Brigade (12th Panzer Division) is trying to capture the eastern Soviet-held town of Kulmbach.

The West Germans on their last legs defending against the onslaught of 6th Guards Tank Division.
What you are witnessing above is defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.

The Soviets have been pushing very successfully towards the city of Bayreuth for three solid turns.  The West Germans have suffered a completely destroyed tank battalion and although they wisely put their reserve units in defensive position on the outskirts of the city, they have been unable to stem the Soviet advance.

A West German tank battalion held back in ZZ23 threatened to break through and hit at the Soviet rear.  As a result, the Soviet rear echelon stayed well back from the fighting.  Unfortunately, this spread the air defenses much too thin and left the Soviet 6th Guards Tank Division HQ without adequate protection.  Huge mistake.

The West Germans, who were steadily losing ground to the Soviets advance near Bayreuth, quickly seized the opportunity and sent in two flights of Tornados to nail the Soviet divisional HQ.  The single Soviet air defense unit fired uselessly at the approaching Tornadoes.  The bombs struck and scored 3 hits against the Soviet HQ, nearly obliterating it.  For the next 3 turns, the Soviet offensive would be completely halted so the game was called.  It was a stunning win pulled off by NATO.



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