7th Fleet: Soviet Bastion - Turn 2

At the end of the previous turn, the American submarines were moving towards the Soviet Bastion near the Kurile Islands north of Japan.  One group of 3 US subs (Springfield, Dace, and Guardfish) inched towards the southern Kuriles while 2 other US subs (Bremerton and Silversides) had moved further north.

Turn 2 begins.

Initiative is rolled and the US player goes first.  The Guardfish, Springfield, and Dace move slowly up towards the Soviet submarines to the south, hoping to speed through the well-defended zone in subsequent turns.  As of now, none of the US subs has been detected.

Up to the north, the Bremerton makes a run to the west-  straight for the Kuriles.  Since the Bremerton is running at full speed and it's within 5 hexes of enemy units and/or a close defense hex, it is automatically detected.  The Silversides moves slowly up towards the north, hoping that the Soviet subs will ignore it long enough to make a run for the Kurile entrance next turn.

Three American subs approach the tip of Hokkaido while one US sub up north dashes towards the Kuriles.
Soviet action segment

The Soviets decide to hang on down south and wait for the 3 American subs to come to them.  Staying put and using the advantage of the nearby close defense hex should be a very effective way to keep the US submarines out.

Up north, the Mikhalovskiy moves adjacent to the Bremerton and damages it (with a beautiful roll of 9).    The Admiral Sidorov, a Mike-class, follows up the attack on the Bremerton and sinks it (another 9 is rolled).  This is a very good start for the Russians.

The sinking of the Bremerton.
Turn 2 ends.

End of Turn 2.


  1. This brings back some memories! I used to have the Fleet games, and played them quite a bit from what I can remember.

    Looking forward to see if the US or USSR prevails!

  2. Thanks Ken! It is a great series, isn't it?

    1. Yes. I must say that I wish I still had the games (plus a few others).


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