Heroes of the Gap Scenario: Texas Hold 'Em

Below is an LnL scenario based on the upcoming World at War module, "America Conquered", coming at some point in 2013.  I've tweaked and play tested this one countless times over the past while and I think it's ready for consumption at this point so here goes.  As always, any feedback welcome.

Scenario Title:  Texas Hold 'Em

Background:  The meager forces left of the Texas National Guard stationed in Chaparalle Falls, TX, bravely faced the onslaught of Nicaraguan army regulars and Soviet Spetsnaz invading their small town.  The local police and more than a few locals also joined in its defense, trying to keep the Communist Allies from taking over the town hall and the local police station.  For the Nicaraguans and the Soviets, this place was a dot on the map but for the people of Chaparalle Falls, it was their home and they would hold on to it or die in the attempt.

Scenario Length:  7 turns

Map:  Use Map 4 from All Things Zombie  (positioned with the number 4 in upper left corner)

Order of Battle:

Communist Allies

Elements of Nicaraguan 7th FSLN Battalion (from Line of Fire 12)

Enter any hex A1 south through M1 on 1st turn.

Lt. Chamoro
2 x 2-4-4
1 x 1-4-4
1 x RPG-7

Elements of Soviet Spetsnaz 14th Brigade (Heroes of the Gap)

(see SSR)

Sgt. Trinov
Maj. Petrov
3 x 3-3-4
2 x RPK


Texas National Guard  (Heroes of the Gap)

Set up in any building hex in H9, H10, H11, I10, I11

Lt. Moore
2 x 2-6-4 (w/ AM)
1 x M-60
2 x 40mm
1 x LAW

1 x German 2-5-4 Territorialheer marker representing Chaparalle Falls PD & civilian defenders
Set up in K10

US Reinforcements:

An M113 arrives in Turn 2 and enters the map from hex M12.

The US player rolls a die before the rally phase of each turn starting after the first turn.  A result that is equal to or less than the current turn number gives the US player air support in the form of an AH-1 Cobra.  The Cobra enters the map from any direction and does a single pass over the map without stopping.  It may not spot any units but may fire on units that have been spotted previously in the turn by the US player or enemies that have moved or fired previously in the turn.  After this, the Cobra is immediately removed from play.  (If you find this unbalances the scenario for the US, get rid of it.  If it's the other way around, keep rolling for the AH-1 every turn even if it has already appeared in a previous turn).

Victory Conditions:  The Soviets must control hexes H9 and H10 as well as K10 by the end of the scenario.  Any other result is an American win.

Special Scenario Rules:

1.) The police and civilians may not move from K10 during the scenario.  They have barricaded the police station to prevent the Soviets from getting in (+1 extra MP for all enemy units to enter).  Unfortunately, for them, this means that they cannot get out.  The police/civvie defenders get a +1 shift left when defending in melee and a +1 shift right when attacking.  The National Guard units may move freely.

2.)  The American player must pass a morale check for each unit to move or fire on the first turn.

3.)  The Spetsnaz parachute onto the map on the first turn.  Only one MMC may be landed in a given hex (leaders do not count against this stacking rule).  The Soviet player announces which hex they intend to place the Soviet marker.  After that, the Soviet player rolls two dice (one white and one a different color).  The white die result is halved (with fractions dropped) and this is how far from the intended target hex in which the Soviet unit lands.  The other die determines the direction from the intended hex in which the unit lands.  This is pretty much the same procedure for determining artillery fire.  Note that if a result places a unit off the map then the unit is moved as far as possible in the given direction and placed in the hex on the edge of the map board.  Similarly, if the result shows that a unit lands in a building hex, the unit is automatically shaken and moved to the nearest clear hex (Soviet player's discretion if there is more than one option).  Soviet Spetsnaz units are marked Ops Complete after landing.

4.)  All buildings are single floor heavy construction with a target modifier of +4 except the buildings in F10 and F11, which are light construction.  All brush (e.g. hex H7) acts as degrading terrain with a modifier of +1 and an MP cost of 2, the same as light woods hexes in all respects.

Update:  12/30/2012 - Balanced slightly more in favor of Americans.  Deducted RPG-16 from Soviet Spetsnaz and gave police/civvie defenders bonus when attacking/defending in melee.


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